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November 7, 2023 | career

When the Ten of Pentacles reversed appears in your career reading, the card is all about a shaky relationship. This means that someone at your office may feel as though they don’t have much in common with you right now. This could be as a result of conflict, tension, or even competition between members of your department, team, or office. At this time, it might be best to distance yourself from the people that are creating these feelings at work. Everyone has their own way to spend their time, and it might be better for you and your coworkers if you work on your own, and away from the negativity. Alternatively, you may have left a job that didn’t work out for you. If you recently separated or abandoned a business, this can be causing feelings of loss or instability; you may be forced to re-evaluate what you consider important.

November 6, 2023 | career

Through a perspective of career questions, Nine of Pentacles reversed reveals that you could feel confined at your career. You could not possess the flexibility or the willingness to develop or adapt in your job. There can be a sense of restiveness as a result of a lack of progress or a lack of improvement in one’s job. This card might also indicate that your workplace is dishonest or unfair. It is time for you to examine your viewpoint about your career. Do you really want it? Do you want to continue down this path? The Nine of Pentacles reversed suggests that you may feel the opposite as it pertains to your work. You might feel drained and exhausted as a result of dealing with problems at work or being under scrutiny from colleagues. You might not care as much about your career as you did in the upright form of the card.

You can feel like your workplace lacks respect for you, that you do not value what you do, or that your income is not enough to make you feel satisfied.

November 5, 2023 | career

Eight of Pentacles reversed in your career reading signals sloppiness. You may have missed an opportunity to advance because you were so focused on the quality of what you did instead of doing what was necessary. There is a lack of quality, or of effort and passion in your work. At times, this card can signify not using your abilities to their potential, instead choosing to settle for what is comfortable rather than going for the gold. Sometimes it is better to sit it out, as the job may not be a good fit for you, or you may have no interest in it. If you’re self-employed or own a business, Eight of pentacles reversed denotes that either your quality or effort is very low.

This card can also indicate that you have very little control over your work environment and that you are not being paid fairly. If this is the case, get your complaints out in the open immediately, especially if you are compensated poorly. In this way, you will be in a better position to change things for the better. You cannot have it all, especially if you want to be fulfilled.

November 4, 2023 | career

If you pull the Seven of Pentacles reversed in your career reading, the card illustrates that you have not invested your time or effort in long-term financial rewards, and the compensation you have received in the past indicates your wasted efforts. Additionally, it illustrates that you are not giving everything in your job. You are working hard to make money, but you are not putting in enough effort to attain that money. It would help if you invested your time and effort to build your resources and achieve your long-term goals. Now is the time to work more efficiently, or you would start losing opportunities.

The Seven of Pentacles reversed also indicates that you may be frustrated with your job or profession, which is making you feel drained. But this card is a warning for you that this is not the right time to make short-term financial gains. This indicates that the work that you have been doing lately is neither fruitful nor beneficial to you, instead, it is wasting your time and energy. Try to prioritize your work, because the more you do, the less energy you will have to work the next day.

November 3, 2023 | career

If you pull the Six of Pentacles reversed in a career tarot reading, the card is all about financial insecurity. You may have made some bad financial decisions in the past, and this may be putting you at risk of financial loss. Be sure that you have a secure cushion for any emergencies, and be realistic about your financial plans. The card can also indicate abuse of power. If someone at work is trying to take advantage of you, or make you feel inferior, you may experience burn out from the stress. Speak up if the environment around you is not suitable, and push back if necessary. You may have to be clever in how you go about this, as your position at work can come into jeopardy.

November 2, 2023 | career

If you pull the Five of Pentacles reversed in a career tarot reading, the card is all about getting back on track with your career. Things can be improving as a result of this. There is likely less pressure, and perhaps even a slight improvement in the job market. If you’ve been struggling with a job search or other workplace adversity, this card suggests things are finally getting better and becoming less stressful. You may be more confident than ever, and you are likely feeling more skilled and capable. You may even be rewarded for your efforts.

November 1, 2023 | learn

Tarot cards are a tool that some people use for self-reflection, guidance, and insight into various aspects of their lives. And some use it exclusively reflecting on their love life. While tarot readings are not a definitive or even scientific method for understanding your love life, they can be a source of personal reflection and offer a fresh perspective on your romantic relationships. Here are 6 important aspects that will clarify how love readings can help you understand your love life.

November 1, 2023 | career

Four of Pentacles reversed in your career reading is a sign that you are letting go of too tight of a grip. You may be realising that being so protective has limited your growth and now it is time to relax and enjoy the success you have built for yourself. If you’re not currently in the security of employment, Four of pentacles reversed might mean that you are seeking a job that allows you to do something you are passionate about.

October 31, 2023 | career

If you pull the Three of Pentacles reversed in a career tarot reading, the card is all about a failed project, miscommunication, and teamwork. You may be struggling to work well together as a team. This could be due to not having clear objectives, not understanding each other’s roles, or communicating about every project poorly. You may be finding that some projects take longer to complete than expected. There are few rewards to being part of a group effort. Sometimes, this card can also denote a lack of ambition and a low drive in general. It could be that you’re not putting the necessary effort in to progress up the career ladder. The Three of Pentacles reversed can be a sign that you need to spend more time working alone on your projects and making your resume shine.

October 30, 2023 | career

When you draw the Two of Pentacles reversed in your career reading, the card signals that you may be spending too much time and money on things that are no longer serving you. You might have a side hustle that has turned into a career, while your core job should be paying for your expenses. Or you may have a part-time job that you are not able to balance, leaving you to struggle with debt. Before you know it, you may not be able to continue like this and the Two of Pentacles reversed advises you to examine what it is that is keeping you from making these adjustments. You must also figure out how to scale down.

The reversed Two of Pentacles can also represent bad investments or missteps in your career that are coming back to haunt you. Be cautious about what you are investing in, since even a small mistake can result in a huge financial loss. The Two of Pentacles reversed suggests that you are overthinking or over-planning your tasks, making you miss out on things at work.

October 29, 2023 | career

If you pull the Ace of Pentacles reversed in a career tarot reading, it may not be the best time to start a new job, change careers, or build up your profession. It would help if you were very clear about your objectives and had a long-term vision. Instead of thinking about the short-term advantages and drawbacks, focus on the long-term advantages of the changes you plan to make. Sometimes, this card also suggests that your workplace is not a particularly stable or prosperous place when it comes to money and savings. This is a crucial period for you since the financial stability of your workplace depends on your contribution.

Remember to be careful while choosing your new workplace since it may not be a very secure place for you at the moment. This card can also mean that you are losing your savings or investments. So, you must keep a close check on the places you put your hard-earned money as you will have a hard time finding a similar opportunity in the future.

October 28, 2023 | career

King of Swords reversed in your career reading signals a lack of authority. You are not sure who you should ask for advice or what you should tell them. There might be a lack of clear directions and boundaries, especially as far as your tasks and projects are concerned. This may signal a lack of direction, and as a result confusion is growing. You might be having a great deal of difficulty completing the projects you have started. Alternatively, King of swords reversed sometimes indicates a tyrannical boss or an overbearing colleague. This other alternative is that you are playing into the hands of these people. It could be that you are either putting yourself in a vulnerable position, or you are allowing them to keep you down.

Reversed, this Minor Arcana card might represent a business that is not financially lucrative, or one that has become overly competitive. The King of Swords reversed can denote a lack of authority, unclarity, and lack of direction among the people in your workplace. Everyone is unsure who to ask for advice and what to tell them.

October 28, 2023 | learn

The suit of Cups is one of the four suits in a standard tarot deck, and it is associated with emotions, relationships, feelings, and matters of the heart, but also intuition, creativity, and spirituality.

October 27, 2023 | career

Through a perspective of career questions, Queen of Swords reversed reveals that your intellect might be your greatest enemy right now. You could feel intellectually inferior to coworkers since you have zero influence in how they interpret information. Alternately, your workplace atmosphere can be cold and unfriendly. You could discover yourself putting up blocks or being more guarded than usual. Keep in mind that you are the only one who can make these adjustments or improve the office environment. You do not need to hold out for anybody else to give you their support or approval. Do not worry! Things will be improving.

October 27, 2023 | learn

Wands represent the source for all energy – internal and external and they are a synonym of human willpower, and creative potential. In a tarot reading Wands often suggest themes of innovative projects and creativity.

October 26, 2023 | career

When you draw the Knight of Swords reversed in your career reading, the card signals that you may be acting impulsively right now with your career and that you are likely to realize that your actions will affect your career negatively in the long term. For instance, if you are moving to a new company, you are likely to make a lot of mistakes, whether they be your fault or those of your current employer. When you do, you are likely to be judged more harshly. You must always think about the long-term repercussions of your actions when you are making a choice (especially career choices).

Moreover, the Knight of Swords reversed in a career question also means that you are very quick to act or make judgments about other people’s work and behaviors, which can affect your career negatively in the long run. For example, you can be very judgmental of your colleague’s performance, even though you know that the behavior was the result of a difficult personal situation. Or you may come across as very competitive to get ahead in the competition that is going on for the job you want.

October 25, 2023 | career

Through a perspective of career Page of Swords reversed is a card of manipulation, lying, and dishonesty. Are these actions coming from you? It is possible that you may be trying to get ahead at the cost of others or may be taking the credit for another person’s work. Page of Swords reversed could also imply that you are being dishonest about your own abilities, or that someone else is trying to take advantage of you at work. This card may also represent being very blunt or crass with people at work, making it very difficult for you to build relationships. Those around you feel very uncomfortable being with you.

This card may occasionally also encourage you to put your ideas to work rather than just talk about them. If you’ve been considering entering a new industry or moving to an entirely new field, now may be a great time to do so. You have a bright future ahead of you; just make sure that you are ready to seize that opportunity and pursue it with gusto.

October 24, 2023 | career

Ten of Swords reversed in your career reading signals that you have struggled with failure and betrayal in your working life. You may have lost your job or are unhappy at your workplace. You have always looked up to the career you have now and are struggling to accept how far you have fallen. If you can, take a step back and assess your situation, and this is likely the best thing that you should do now. Alternatively, this card can also suggest that you are learning about the negative impact that your actions have had on your coworkers or clients, and that this has motivated you to make changes in your work environment in the hopes of healing those that you have hurt.

October 23, 2023 | career

Through a perspective of career Nine of Swords reversed is a card of overcoming fear and feeling at peace after dealing with a situation. At work, the stress and trauma from the card might be lessened, and the atmosphere in your office has become calm. But the same card reversed can indicate that you are allowing your fears to prevent you from achieving your dreams and goals, or that a specific fear is holding you back. If so, it is time to face this fear and do whatever is necessary to overcome it. If you have been putting in a lot of effort and still finding it difficult to advance in your career, try changing your approach. There might be something that you have been doing that has been holding you back.

October 22, 2023 | career

When you draw the Eight of Swords reversed in your career reading, the card signals that it is time for you to get away from your work. You have had enough of the stress, the monotony, and the negativity. If you have been stressed out lately, now is a great time to take a vacation. This will help the tension and stress that you’re under melt away, and you’ll return to work ready to make great strides at work. There may also be a lot of self-criticism with this card, so you may want to consider taking a step back from work altogether to better assess what you might alter to handle your situation more effectively.