A new beginning, a new opportunity, a chance to dream...
April 2, 2023 | love

The Empress reversed signals you are ready to embrace a new chapter in your life. You are beginning to release the physical or emotional baggage that has been holding you back – and you are finding more joy or beauty in your everyday life as a result. You are embracing your femininity, your sensuality, and the joy that comes with it. You are embracing a new spiritual path, a new love relationship, or making a new friend. And you are enjoying the natural gifts that flow out of you as you release negativity and welcome positivity into your life.

The Empress reversed can also point out a tendency to focus on external appearances, and it can refer to a woman’s struggle with body image. You may be so attracted to someone’s looks and good reputation that you lose touch with your inner worth. You may become overly preoccupied with others’ approval, spending your energy and resources on making other people look good. It is a way to give the impression that you are successful and to attract high-status people – but what is the price of admission?

April 2, 2023 | love

This card is all about your inner being and your subconscious mind. You are getting in touch with your intuition and the knowledge hidden deep within. You are opening your psychic mind and exploring what it is able to convey. You are also becoming more aware of the negative side of your subconscious mind. You must realize that there is a powerful energy behind your thoughts and what you feel. You have to learn to control it so it doesn’t become a negative force in your life. It is also an indication of your inner child who is calling out to you to find your true vocation. You must also explore other means of receiving consciousness, like hypnosis or remote viewing. This card is a sign that this time is excellent for you to connect with your inner self and explore your inner knowledge through self-hypnosis and meditation.

April 1, 2023 | love

If you pull The Magician reversed, the card is all about powerlessness. To gain control over your life, you’ll need to improve your self-mastery. It is important to realize that there is always a choice in every situation. Sometimes, we make poor decisions because we believe we have little control over a given outcome. Often, the best choice is to take control of a situation and put your energy into areas in which you do have an influence. The Magician inverted can also suggest that you lack the right skillset or motivation to turn your ideas into reality. Find inspiration from those who have already achieved what you desire and find the motivation to make it happen. If you’re interested in learning how to get what you want.

The Magician Reversed can also show that you have blocked your ability to manifest using your creative powers. You may overthink the result of your actions and end up frustrated because you can’t seem to control the situation or your emotions. You need to trust that you have the power to affect your reality.

April 1, 2023 | love

The Fool reversed is a card of spontaneity. If this card appears reversed it means that something exciting, new, and unpredictable might happen to you. That’s why you should trust your instincts and go with the flow. Do what you think is best without thinking about the consequences because you might get an unexpected result. Also, if you travel somewhere, do not plan anything in advance. Rather, go with the flow and the universe will surprise you with something great.

The Fool reversed represents a joyful, liberating, and adventurous time in your life. You will leave behind your worries and responsibilities to go on a journey with nothing, no one, and nowhere in mind. You might also take a risk without having a proper plan, which is the reason why you might end up in a situation where you do not know what to do or where to go. Therefore, The Fool reversed is a positive sign that you must not take any action until you understand the situation better and you have taken all the necessary steps to prepare yourself for anything that can happen.

March 31, 2023 | love

The King of Pare entacles is an excellent provider who is capable of taking care of loved ones and also has the power to make dreams come true. In Tarot, in some contexts, we call him a sugar daddy. The King of Pentacles is also a sign that you have reached the stage in your life when you are comfortable with wealth and abundance, and you are capable of handling yourself in financial matters. It demonstrates the King’s level of success and achievement, and it means that you have invested your money into something that it later returns with a greater profit. The King is a sign that you have completed all your business projects and now are ready to enjoy that wealth and success. This is a card of accomplishment, the final goal in your journey. It signals a time to celebrate the hard part of your life and the things that you have achieved with your inner self.

The King of Pentacles is also a sign that you are well-established in your career and business. You are aware of your value and capability. Because of that, you have been able to manage your work and life well to the fullest. In love context, you want to share the wealth with your partner.

March 31, 2023 | love

The Queen of Pentacles is a person who is highly competent, practical, and dependable. She works steadily, is dedicated to accomplishing her goals, and pushes herself to be successful. She has a clear vision of her own and goes after it with fierce determination.

The Queen of Pentacles Tarot card is a sure sign of success and abundance when it comes to career, business, and economic endeavors. She is a woman who takes care of others and others take care of her. She exemplifies the saying “behind every great man is his woman” and is a strong woman who is self-assured and knows exactly where she is heading. Although she lives a happy and healthy life, she is hardworking and focused on manifesting the kind of life that she desires.

Unlike the other Queens of the Minor Arcana deck, the Queen of Pentacles is not the bearer of curses or evil. Instead, her main characteristic is the ability to manifest the things that she desires. She is all about planning and working.

March 30, 2023 | love

The Knight of Pentacles is all about the physical world and progress. Are you looking for a job? Starting that home business you always wanted to do? Then now is the time. This card also suggests putting your energy into the material world. You must take action and you must do what you want, so keep going. Be consistent and focused on your goals. You are the master of your own destiny and only you are responsible for your actions. You are not a slave to anyone. Take your time to get things done, but if need be, commit to yourself to finish the task no matter what it takes. The Knight of Pentacles can be an aggressive, persistent, and determined person, but he is still a helpful person. He knows when to stop and when to start over. He is confident with his words and can convince others to work towards his goals. He will work hard for the things he needs, but he won’t work for someone else. He also doesn’t change what he wants for someone else.

March 30, 2023 | love

The Page of Pentacles is all about hard work and success. There is a good chance that the job you have applied for will receive a positive response. It also tells you that you must be patient. You have to be hardworking and diligent to achieve your goals and desires. Even if you are not very talented, you must be able to work hard to improve yourself. You have to be disciplined, and focused and must keep your head in the right place. You have to apply yourself and keep on working to achieve your goals in life.

The Page of Pentacles suggests that you are ready to make progress and achieve your goals and desires. It is time to start a new journey. You have worked hard to get to this point, and this is a big achievement for you. It’s time to enjoy the fruits of your labor and reap the rewards of your hard work. You have to keep your motivation high all the time. You will definitely achieve your goals in the future. Stay patient.

March 28, 2023 | love

When the Ten of Pentacles appears in an upright position, the card is all about family and security. In this card, the family unit is represented as a vast empire, and each member has their own role. Your partner is family patriarch, you play the role of patriarch, and your children are playmates or future potential partners. You also have a big farm where you grow food. The house where you stay is your castle, and the big estate where you have to roam around freely is your own kingdom. You are the head of your household, which is not just any house but a castle because that is where your family is at right now.

This card brings a feeling of financial stability for you. You don’t know what to do with all the money and you don’t want to squander any penny away, so you hoard the money and use it for your family’s welfare. You are financially stable now and you are very happy with your status. The Ten of Pentacles card also tells you that this stability is temporary, and you will not be here forever.

March 28, 2023 | love

The Nine of Pentacles, the card signals that you are in safe territory and that your hard-earned gains are all about to be delivered to you. This is good news and means that things are coming along nicely for you. The Nine of Pentacles is not really linked to one season or time of the tarot, but it is associated with the good things that come from work, success, and accomplishment. Although it can also be a card of pleasure, it has a way of bringing the realisation that you do not need to always depend on the material world to bring you happiness.

The 9 of Pentacles is a card of abundance and riches – the kind of abundance that one can only appreciate from the sidelines. Nothing is going to happen to you directly, but it brings to mind the idea that you might be in a job or income that gives you the things that you desire. It can also mean that you are putting money away for a rainy day, or that you are finally ‘getting ahead’ financially and can afford to treat yourself when you need to.

March 27, 2023 | love

The Eight of Pentacles illustrates that you are highly committed to achieving your aspirations. Although you have a general idea of what you want as far as what you want to achieve in your life, you might need to make some adjustments. You are committed to achieving your highest potential and have learned a lot about yourself in the process of becoming who you are today. You are self-aware, consistent, and tenacious. Regardless of what is thrown your way, you keep on pushing forward.

Now is the time to put yourself out there and make your aspirations a reality. You need to learn a lot by yourself especially when you draw this card. You need to be a self-starter. Make a plan and go for it. You can achieve anything if you are consistent and relentless. Achieving your aspirations is possible with the help of your inner teacher, which will guide you and show you the right path to success.

March 27, 2023 | love

The Seven of Pentacles as feelings is all about what you are putting in and what you have earned. Now you are learning how to make use of what you have gathered and how to invest it. It might be a time when you may be giving yourself a reward for a hard-earned success, and you are already enjoying it. You are reaping the rewards you sowed long ago.

At the same time, you are making plans and setting goals to secure the outcomes you desire. You are moving ahead steadily towards your goals, but you are also wise enough to acknowledge that the journey is not yet complete. There is so much more to be done, and you are just now beginning to see the rewards of your efforts. There are no shortcuts to success, and only by investing your time, energy, and resources can you reap the benefits.

When looking at the Seven of Pentacles, it is suggested that you are putting much work into an endeavor and are showing your dedication, commitment, and perseverance. You are now reaping the benefits of your work.

March 25, 2023 | learn

The Card of The Day is a simple calculator that on a given day tells you what Tarot card is the Card of The Day. As a matter of fact, every single day has at least 2 Cards of the Day and some days even have 3. Of course, you can calculate the Card of The Day yourself and by knowing this basic formula you can do it whenever and wherever you want. Just some first grade math and a pinch of Tarot knowledge and you have a Card of the Day. Here’s the basic formula that will help you calculate the Card of The Day:

March 24, 2023 | love

When it comes to love, the Six of Pentacles, the card is all about gratitude, giving and charity. This means that you are giving your time, energy, money and other resources to people less fortunate than yourself. It is also a sign that you are not only ready to help people, but you are ready and waiting to be helped yourself. You are willing to do the same for others, and your generosity comes out of your gratitude for having everything that you have now.

In terms of money, this card means that you are currently in a comfortable financial position. You have the money to give and also receive financial help. In terms of work, the appearance of this card indicates better financial gains and promotion. It also means that you get opportunities to advance in your career which will eventually benefit you financially. When it comes to love, the Six of Pentacles card indicates that you have found an equilibrium where you can be loved and cherished. You have discovered your life purpose and you are grateful for everything that you have now.

March 23, 2023 | love

If you see the Five of Pentacles appears in an upright position, the card is all about negativity, especially in the material realm. The material world, as well as its lack, has most likely brought you a great sense of despair, sadness, and misery. You may not be able to find money and are constantly having financial issues. It can also mean that other people are not being honest with you and are trying to take advantage of you, or perhaps that you are taking advantage of others, such as by cheating or stealing from them.

When this card appears in a reading, it indicates that you are experiencing severe financial troubles, either because you aren’t making any money, or because a great loss has ruined everything you worked so hard for and will take a big toll on your well-being. If you see the Five of Pentacles in this position, take a look at the cards surrounding it to see if there are any solutions for what is causing your problem.

March 23, 2023 | love

If you draw the Four of Pentacles, it illustrates a period of protection, security, and stability. You have everything that you need to feel comfortable and prosperous and have the resources and ability to ensure your security. It is a good omen that you own money, properties, possessions, and investments, but you are hesitant to share them because of a very real fear of loosing them. If you draw the Four of Pentacles, you are feeling restricted and a lack of freedom limits you because you are not letting go of your desire to accumulate more money and material goods.

The Four of Pentacles typically suggests that you need to be cautious of those who will try to take advantage of you. The Four of Pentacles might appear when you are being duped or being taken advantage of. This might happen because someone has an ulterior motive for helping you, or they covet what you have. For example, a boss might attempt to take advantage of you by offering you a promotion to make you feel more indebted to them and as a result, you must increase productivity.

March 22, 2023 | love

Three of Pentacles is a card of partnerships. It symbolises partnerships between two people or people and their work. It also gives you an opportunity to learn from others, so this Major Arcana card suggests that you should work alongside someone else. Teamwork is important, because Three of Pentacles is a card of partnerships. In this case individualism only leads to isolation rather than connection. Collaboration means that you are learning from the people around you, which will only make you more effective in your field.

Three of pentacles can also represent apprenticeship, learning, and study. It may signify that you are seeking to learn or obtain new skills; the three people can be seen engaged and hard at work. You may be joining a course or a college course, or you may be working with someone to learn a new skill, such as a new language or computer application.

March 22, 2023 | love

The 2 of Pentacles as feelings symbolizes a state of balance and adaptability in emotional contexts. When this card appears, it indicates that someone is juggling multiple aspects of their life, including their emotions. This could imply that they are trying to find equilibrium between their feelings for you and other personal or professional commitments. The card suggests a playful, flexible approach to emotions, indicating that the person might not be taking things too seriously just yet, or they are trying to maintain a light-hearted attitude amidst chaos. Additionally, the Two of Pentacles as feelings can reflect a period of decision-making, where the person is weighing their options in how they feel about you and others. Overall, this card captures the dynamic nature of managing emotions under varying circumstances, striving to keep balance in a shifting emotional landscape.

If you pull the Two of Pentacles card is all about teamwork and cooperation. You are working as teams and working on the tasks of teamwork. This is known as being on both the receiving and sending end. If you pull the 2 of Pentacles, you are also giving a whole new meaning to team building. This card is known to help you create balanced teams with diverse skills, talents, and abilities so that the project will be more successful. The best thing about this card is that it is a very positive omen and it gives you the hope that even if you are facing a lot of challenges, with teamwork and your full force, you will accomplish your goals. It also brings you happiness and success.

March 21, 2023 | learn

Numerologists believe that numbers are connected to specific concepts and events – even through alphabet. For example 1 is about new beginnings, 2 is about duality and balance, while 10 is about completion and transformation. Therefore, with Numerology we are trying to connect the meaning of a number to real-life events – we are trying to explain what is the importance of numbers in people’s lives – we are trying to get to the root of a number. But how are Numerology and Tarot connected? As a matter of fact, they go together just like a hand and a glove. Have you ever noticed the Roman numerals on Decks that rely on Rider Waite? Of course you have! And did it ever happen to you that the cards you pulled were in sequential in ascending order or even more sequential in descending order? Yep, the cards are sending a message.

Let’s start with the very basics. Tarot cards are divided into Minor Arcana and Major Arcana. In Major Arcana the cards are marked with numbers from 0-21 and Minor Arcana is divided into 4 suits (Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles) and each of these suits has 14 cards. These cards range from 1 (Aces) to 10s, with accompanying Pages (11 = 2 because 1 + 1 = 2 ), Knights (12 = 3), Queens (13 = 4) and Kings (14 = 5). To keep it super simple, you can break any number into a single digit number, for example 35 is broken into 3 + 5 which gives 8. But as you advance in Tarot, you can also learn the meanings of higher numbers (up to 22) so you can cover the entire Major Arcana, because this will only elevate your readings. However, for now we have decided to keep it simple and limit this knowledge to single digits with one important exception – number 10, a number of completion. Therefore, if you can learn what the numbers from 1 to 10 mean, you have a great start to incorporate numerology in your Tarot readings.

March 21, 2023 | love

The Ace of Pentacles sends a message that it is time to take action on your goals. This action could be that you are going to start a business, or that you might buy a property or invest in real estate. You are aware that to get the outcome you are looking for, you have to be consistent and keep on pushing. The Ace of Pentacles depicts your desire to achieve your objectives and the commitment you have in order to do it.

When the Ace of Pentacles shows up in a reading, it’s a sign you have great potential. It represents your potential for reaching your highest goals. You are in the process of developing your personal power, and this Ace has everything to do with that. You are aware that you have the capabilities and resources to reach new heights, so you are ready to do so, no matter the obstacles that might cross your path.

The Ace of Pentacles in the upright position symbolizes the beginning of a new life in the material and emotional aspects of life.