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March 1, 2023 | love

If you pull the Knight of Wands in your reading, the card illustrates that you need to be more daring and adventurous in your life. You have an exciting life, but there are many things that you are afraid to try out. Although your friends and family are not trying to discourage you from experiencing new things in your life, you are a bit resistant because of your fear. You need to conquer your fears and take up the opportunity in your life again. As a person, the knight also depicts someone who is an active individual and who is always eager to try new things in their life. This person lives life at a fast pace and never hesitates even for a moment to reach their goals.

February 28, 2023 | love

The Ten of Wands signal that you have reached a point in your life where you are weighed down by the responsibilities that you have been carrying for a very long time. You are stressed beyond comprehension, and everything seems to be getting hard on you. The card also shows how you believe that all of your problems are being created because you are trying to be complete. So you are trying to carry everything on your shoulders and this is giving you constant pain and mental exhaustion. But the Ten of Wands card also shows you that every problem you have been facing is because of one reason, only one thing. And it is not giving you more work, it is just that you are not giving yourself enough time to complete the job. You have been too busy and you have invested too much in others’ happiness and expectations that it is affecting your life in a negative manner and giving out signals of burnout.

This card shows that you have taken on too many responsibilities that you are trying to complete in your life.

February 28, 2023 | love

If you pull the Nine of Wands in your reading, the card illustrates that you have been under a lot of pressure at work or home with all your responsibilities. Your work is very serious and you are struggling to keep it all together. You might feel overwhelmed right now. Even if you have a lot on your plate, hold your ground. No matter how much pressure you are under, you need to remember that time is ticking, therefore find a way to prioritize. The same can be said for any home and family-related responsibilities.

The Nine of Wands says you are persevering in the face of significant opposition or difficulty. For you, this card signifies the triumph of your work or life’s purpose and how you are overcoming your obstacles. You have been working hard in the past to achieve this present moment. You might be questioning why you are here and why you chose this path in life. This card shows that you have found your passion.

February 27, 2023 | love

When you draw the Eight of Wands, the card signals that the time for action is now. Although the nature of the quest can change, the outcome will generally be positive. You will likely find your answers within yourself.

The Eight of Wands is often associated with good news and excitement in reading. It indicates rapid movement through an area. There is a feeling of momentum when this card appears. It denotes that you have been experiencing positive energy and have been working hard to achieve your goals. In order to carry out your purpose, you need to move faster. Although the nature of the quest can change, the outcome will generally be positive. You will likely find your answers within yourself.

In a tarot reading, the Eight of Wands represents movement. This could be anything from a cross-country trip to a job transfer, a business trip, or most often a quick change with a message from above. If the Eight of Wands shows up in a reading, prepare for action and excitement. Your life will feel rapid and busy, and you will be running from one place to the next.

February 27, 2023 | love

When you draw the Seven of Wands, the card signals that you should hold your ground and stay put. You are confident that you have what it takes to make it through and that you have a solid defensive strategy in place. If someone tries to attack you or is challenging you on an idea, it seems like you won’t back down, no matter what kind of criticism comes your way. There is no point to compromising. Instead, dig in your heels and wait for the attack to subside so you may get back to your own life and business.

The Seven of Wands represents a healthy dose of tenacity. You are committed to what you believe in, and you do not intend to let anything come between your goal and your success. You may be pushing yourself to your limits in order to achieve your goals, but in the process, you must protect yourself. You cannot be too careful as you move forward without any safety net. You must have self-protection and defense mechanisms in place to make sure that you can continue to thrive and grow without giving in to fear.

February 26, 2023 | love

Five of Wands is a card of competition. There are no winners or losers here. The suit symbolizes the different kinds of wands: the traditional ones, the kind with swords, and then the kind with staffs. So this card denotes competition in many areas: sports, politics, music, and social gatherings. You can see this in your surroundings by looking for signs of competition. Are there lots of bragging or arguments going on? There might be a competitive spirit where some are trying to get attention by showing off. Some might even be trying to get you into a fight. If so, you need to establish a clear line of separation where the fighting stops. Otherwise one person or group will suffer. Five of wands can also mean you will find yourself in a competition, whether it is physical or mental. You will need to muster up your resources and do what it takes to win. In other aspects, Five of wands signifies the need to compete internally as well. You might be trying to prove something to yourself, and your inner self, like where you stand in your life. What are your values?

February 26, 2023 | love

When you draw the Six of Wands, the card signals that victory is on the horizon. This can be a literal victory, like a win in a battle or contest, or more likely, you may be headed in that direction in other areas of life. You have worked hard for this success and there is no better time than right now to celebrate your accomplishment.

This card is a strong indicator that all of your goals and desires will soon be fulfilled. Whether you have been working on an important project, have been putting effort into a particular area of your life, or have been playing a sport you have been passionate about, you will soon reap the sweet rewards of your labor. The Six of Wands signifies that you should start celebrating your successes as you cross each milestone. And when you do, you will find that everything in your life is finally coming together and working out as it should. Now is the time to pat yourself on the back and say “yes, I did it!” before moving forward on toward the next step.

The Six of Wands is about recognition for your accomplishments.

February 25, 2023 | love

If you pull the Four of Wands, the card is all about celebration and coming together as a family. This can mean joining forces with a loved one to celebrate your shared accomplishments or just enjoying each other’s company. It’s a sign of joyous reunions as well as weddings, births, and other celebrations. The card also signifies good health and lasting relationships. The upright Four of Wands card is an excellent omen if you have been wondering if a family member was going to make it in your life and is also a sign of marriage or pregnancy. As per tarot readers, this card can also denote a housewarming, buying a new home, or the birth of a child, as in naming a business.

The card mainly indicates being satisfied with your current life and sharing your happiness with your family, friends, and loved ones. The Four of Wands also represents happiness in the long term as there is a celebration at the end of the story. It’s time to rejoice and enjoy what you have accomplished.

February 25, 2023 | love

If you pull Three of Wands in your reading, the card illustrates the need to stay on a path that is purposeful and strategic for you. The card shows the possibility of making travel plans in the near future if you are planning a trip. If so, you may have multiple destinations to consider. As the card says, your options are abundant, but it isn’t that simple because it involves much more than just a choice. It’s about making decisions and choosing a specific thing.

The Three of Wands is a card about exploring and expanding your options. The card illustrates your capacity to expand your horizon by considering new options and making plans toward your destination. This card hints at the possibility of a life-changing trip in the near future. It signifies planning, dreaming, and finally taking the first step. This is a chance to explore new opportunities and territories.

The Three of Wands shows that you are ready to expand your horizons since it suggests traveling or studying in an entirely new place.

February 24, 2023 | love

The Two of Wands is a card of taking action and following your instincts. Although you are aware of a situation, you are not yet clear on what path you should take to move forward. In this card, you are being pulled in the right direction, but you need to be able to listen to your inner guidance to know what is happening for you. You must think like a CEO, balancing many projects and priorities.

When Two of Wands appears in a Tarot reading, the querent is in the planning phase of a new venture. As with all cards, the appearance of the Two of Wands has a deeper meaning that goes beyond the Minor Arcana number. Look at the other cards in the spread, their images, and colors to understand the deeper meaning of this card.

The Two of Wands represents a time in your life when you are considering your options and choosing to act without reservation. You are making a decision to be an individual in the world rather than a part of a group or collective.

February 24, 2023 | love

If you pull the Ace of Wands, the card is all about motivation, enthusiasm, and power. It’s a powerful card, representing the birth of a new idea, project or venture. Although this card is all about potential, there is a sense of caution. There are no guarantees with this card. It advises you to channel all of this positive energy into your goals and work towards manifesting them. By thinking positive and acting positively, you will be much closer than ever to your dreams. Take inspiration from the Ace of Wands. It is the source of your greatest power.

The Ace of Wands card represents the awakening of new ideas and visions. You have the initial spark that leads to the creation of something – an idea, a project, a business, a personal project or a new relationship. This is a time of new beginnings. You are motivated, charged up and ready to take action on whatever it is you create. You are excited.

February 23, 2023 | love

When you draw The World, the card signals the achievement of a goal after a significant push and effort. At times, this card indicates that you have completed a project that brought you personal recognition, success, and achievement. This doesn’t only apply to the traditional sense of the word “world”, such as the whole earth or the universe. The World represents the sense of completion and satisfaction that comes from finally finishing a long-term project or goal. Your efforts have been recognized and rewarded with this achievement. If The World appeared in your life, you can be confident that you have gone a long way to achieving something significant.

In a more broad sense, The World is associated with a new cycle that you’re beginning, whether it be a new job, a new relationship, a new way of living or expanding your circle of friends or family. Like the maiden in the card, you are embarking on a new cycle, one of exploration, discovery, and expansion, which you hope to continue on and grow from.

February 23, 2023 | love

The Judgement appears in an upright position, the card is all about redemption. It is a chance for you to get back everything you have lost, whether it’s a relationship, job, money, or anything else in your life. The Judgement card appears when you are ready to take responsibility for your actions and change your course before it’s too late. You might face some guilt and regret for your actions, but you are ready to take everything into consideration and move on for the better. You know that the universe already has your back; all you have to do is give your full attention to the path that lies ahead of you. Take this opportunity to make amends to those around you that you may have hurt in the past with your actions. It will be necessary for you to change a few things in your life if you have done something wrong previously. This card suggests that you are ready to make the necessary changes to rediscover yourself again.

February 22, 2023 | love

If you pull the Sun, the card is all about joy, peace, and happiness. This joy is so great that sometimes it is easy for us to lose focus on taking care of ourselves and neglect personal development. The Sun wants you to know that you must take care of yourself first; your joy and peace depend on it.

Your personal goal with pulling the Sun card is to have the energy that you draw throughout the rest of the game. This will provide you with the strength and power to accomplish all of the things you need to do. As well, it will help you to have a lot of enthusiasm and determination, and you’ll be full of life.

You may need to pay special attention to personal relationships right now. The Sun is a wonderful card, but it isn’t without its complications, as it is related to feelings. If you pull the Sun upright, there will likely be a time when you are experiencing a sense of happiness, love, and joy. It’s natural for us to run ahead and embrace this feeling, which was meant to last a brief moment.

February 22, 2023 | love

The Moon as feelings is a card of fantasy and illusion. When this card appears in a tarot reading, you may be daydreaming a lot and you are allowing your imagination to go off the deep end. As a result, your conscious mind is trying to wrap itself around what you’re seeing. You’re having trouble making this stuff real, and it’s making you dizzy or anxious. Tune your inner monologue to calm and quiet, and look at the situation with a critical eye to see what’s truly taking place. Are you getting your information from a place of fear and deception? Look closely at your thoughts and beliefs about the situation to see what is truth and what is fiction.

In tarot, The Moon often shows up when you are not being honest with yourself, your intuition, and your emotions. You may be feeling stuck, unable to express yourself authentically. When you are not clear about your feelings or emotions, your motivation for a situation, or how you truly feel, you are unable to communicate effectively. Your messages are not getting through, and you are unclear about what you want or need.

February 21, 2023 | love

If you are wanting to change your life and you draw The Star, the card signals that it’s time to go out and start anew. You are about to enter a new phase of your life, one that is full of hope, faith, and belief. You are sure to reach a deeper understanding and maturity as you dive into the new realms awaiting you.

If you are wanting to change your life, The Star encourages you to be bold and take risks based on faith in your abilities. The Star is often seen as a healing card and is also about forgiveness, redemption, and wholeness. With the right frame of mind, you can accomplish anything.

The Star often shows up when you are embarking on a new adventure. You are looking to create space in your life for a new and exciting endeavor such as travel, romantic escapism, or a business investment. You are ready to jump in with both feet and have a whole new perspective on life. You don’t care where you go or what you do so long as it is an adventurous journey.

The Star often appears when a connection with the Divine is being highlighted.

February 21, 2023 | love

The Tower is a card of sudden and rapid changes that will leave you feeling abandoned, alone, and terrified. Although change is often a good thing, The Tower suggests that the change is not for the best. You may feel that you have little to no choice and that there is simply no escape from the destruction that is about to overtake you.

Like any major change, you will likely experience confusion, sadness, and a sense of loss. The Tower usually speaks of an unexpected and disruptive change in your life and indicates that you may not have much control over the course of the change and you must adapt accordingly. This is no cause for despair, merely a recognition that you have less control than you think you do. The changes happening to you must be taken as they come and most of all with grace because you must accept that you are powerless to change or avoid what is happening.

Often, it is not how you handle the situation, but how the situation affects you that counts. This card reminds us that when we feel powerless, what we really suffer worst is our sense and mindset of not being able to do anything.

February 20, 2023 | love

When you draw the Temperance, the card signals that you have reached a place of peace and harmony where the forces of both good and evil have learned to coexist. One meaning of the Temperance card is that things are finally coming into balance. While there has been a battle, a conflict, or more, a period of harmony and understanding is now starting to be established. You have a way to look at the world in a different way and see it in a new light. For example, you could see how the balance between your mind and body is causing you to lose weight – a new awareness has allowed you to see that you are feeling better about yourself and that this is the right thing to do.

The other meaning of the Temperance is that the card is showing the positive and negative aspects of addictions. Temperance shows how moderation can save lives.

February 18, 2023 | love

Many people think that Death, the card signals not only the final chapter of your life but also the end of what you believed was possible for yourself and how you perceived your world. You must decide to let go of limiting beliefs, and now is when you are ready for a change. Many people think that death is a defeat, but it is not. Death is a chance, an ending, the release of all the things that no longer serve you. Like the Chariot, Death signifies you must shift your perspective and leave the past in the dust so that you can travel to new horizons. This card asks you to embrace what is next and release any remaining resistance.