A new beginning, a new opportunity, a chance to dream...

Five of Pentacles reversed is a card of abundance, generosity and gratitude. It hints that you may want to give or receive something, but may be hesitant to take or accept such due to worries that it will lead to more loss. This card encourages you to be open and receive such gifts/donations/gifts with gratitude. The loss that this card represents may actually be the catalyst for your own personal abundance and gratitude.

Five of Pentacles reversed indicates that you are experiencing genuine contentment in your life and relationships. You are rekindling your connections with people and sharing your resources with others, regardless of whether it is physical or spiritual. You are finding contentment in the simpler things, such as the small details of daily life, and experiencing a deeper appreciation of your connection with God and the Universe. This is the time to be open to the things that bring you joy. You could find that the more you enjoy what you have, the more you want to share it with others, and the more you want to give away.

When the Three of Pentacles reversed appears in your reading, the card is all about collaboration. You may be afraid to step out and ask others for support because you’re not sure what the response will be. Don’t try to do it all on your own. Instead, enlist the help of a buddy or friend close to you. If you have access to a mentor who can offer support, do so. You can also consider enlisting the help of other people in your field who help other individuals. All of this sharing can be done while working together on a common goal, with the aim of completing your work more efficiently and in less time. If this card shows up in relation to a love situation, it’s a signal that you need to form a stronger partnership, one that is built on mutual trust and respect. You’ll both need to work together to make your relationship work when this happens.

When the Two of Pentacles reversed appears in your reading, the card is all about working hard, but also deciding between two choices. However, in this case, the card depicts working excessively. You may be overcomplying with work obligations, leaving little time to enjoy your leisure time. To prevent such a situation from affecting your inner peace, take some time for yourself, a little break. Go and relax by cooking a favorite dish of yours, or buying that much-desired but hard-to-acquire product, or even watching a movie you’ve been longing too for a long time. Do whatever you like, to let yourself enjoy life’s pleasures. The Two of Pentacles reversed card is also about the imbalance between resources and effort. You might be lacking something very essential, or be over-investing in your current project and its related material expenses. This is the situation where you can’t enjoy the good things in life (including your loved ones), as your mind is preoccupied with the tasks at hand. To ensure that your life balance remains proper, learn to strike a perfect balance between your various obligations.

If you pull the Ace of Pentacles reversed in your reading, the card illustrates that you are currently facing a sense of uncertainty. A lack of planning has made life difficult. What has happened to you that has caused this to occur? What might you change? Do you plan everything? Where are you lacking? This card may occasionally signify bankruptcy. When you are doing economic planning, do not rely solely on your gut since this tarot card may indicate that your judgement has been clouded. Reversed, the Ace of Pentacles also represents an opportunity that is being hidden from you.

If you draw this card, you must embrace it and make the most of it. You are not yet prepared to make the most of this. You will learn how to appreciate this opportunity once the energy is in place. Even though you feel that you have been waiting patiently all these days, the Ace of Pentacles reversed card indicates that it is your job to start preparing yourself, even if it’s just for a few days or weeks.

If you pull the Knight of Swords reversed, the card is all about conflict and power struggle. There are two meanings when the Swords Knight turns upside down. One alternative represents someone in your life who is aggressive and power hungry. They can be rude, selfish, and have a knack for manipulation. Be wary of this person in your life because their behavior can be rather dangerous. The other alternative is that you are the one practicing this behavior. You are the one being overly aggressive and you may be pushing people around. Although you wish to be heard and be taken seriously, you frequently come across as an aggressive, demanding, and even rude person. You must make sure that no one is offended or upset by your blunt personality.

When you draw the Page of Swords reversed, the card signals that you are currently going through a time of trial and tribulation. The Page of Swords Reversed suggests that you must be putting in a lot of effort to move forward. However, you are probably getting frustrated and you feel like you are running out of strength, energy, and enthusiasm, most of all mental clarity. This card is a representation of an ongoing problem and could be a sign that you are lacking sufficient support from those who are supposed to be supporting you on your journey.

This Minor Arcana card is a cautionary tale that indicates that you must learn to be aware of those people who are trying to manipulate you or take advantage of your kind, open, and trusting nature. Make sure to keep your wits about you because there are some people who would rather use you than help you. The Page of Swords in reverse, on the other hand, can mean that you are so overwhelmed by the number of tasks that you need to accomplish, your energy levels are low, and you are unable to handle everything on your plate.

Ten of Swords reversed is a card of new beginnings. You are healing from a painful event and the wounds inflicted on you have started to heal. You understand that you cannot escape from life and that it is inevitable. Ten of swords reversed is sometimes the card of forgiveness. You may have had to face your mistakes and let go of the past. This is a positive card and not a negative one. However, it also tells you that you cannot escape from the consequences of your actions. They will follow you right now and in the future as well. It is time to accept the truth and accept responsibility for your actions, no matter how painful they may have been. However, this isn’t a place to bury yourself but to move forward and start again. The Ten of swords reversed says you have learned something from the experience, even if it was painful. It will help you this time and will help you avoid repeating the same mistakes.

If you pull the Nine of Swords reversed in your reading, the card illustrates a change in energy. You must have started to see solutions to your problems and you are beginning to see a way out of your stress. Your problems are becoming more manageable and you are learning to cope with your issues. Even if the darkness is still present around you, you are managing your anxiety and moving closer to finding a solution. This card also shows that the nightmares you are having are becoming less scary and more of a reality. You are gradually accepting your situation and finding the strength to move forward and deal with the problem.

The reversed Nine of Swords tells you that your feelings are currently manageable and that you are learning to deal with your stressful emotions. You have come to accept and face the situations that have caused these feelings and now you have turned them into energy. You understand that you can find solutions to your problems in the end, by making the most of the energy you have right now. Instead of being terrified, you are starting to see the positive side of your problems.

The Eight of Swords reversed in your reading, the card illustrates your inner thoughts and beliefs as a result of a long-term struggle. It is very possible that you are hanging onto a belief or pattern that has been stopping you from being fulfilled. You need to let go of any limiting patterns that are holding you back, and then you will be well on your way to having a more balanced existence. The reversed Eight of Swords illustrates that you are able to see the disadvantages and what you must do to fix them and rectify them in order to better your life.

In a reversed position, the Eight of Swords illustrates that you have seen the light and have realised that it is time to escape from the situation that has gotten you stuck. With the understanding that you must first break the chains on your mind, you can go forward to find lasting relief and happiness. The Eight of Swords reversed may also represent that you are escaping from the confines of the physical world and are experiencing spiritual enlightenment by getting in touch with your inner self.

Seven of Swords reversed is a card of avoidance. Are you feeling guilty about doing something wrong? Do you feel that you have no one else to blame? Seven of swords reversed is a card for blame game. Sometimes Seven of swords can indicate you are blaming others for your own wrongdoings. The card reversed often shows that you need to take responsibility for your actions and own them. Otherwise you are putting too much responsibility on other people, and you might get hurt because of this. Seven of swords reversed people often have a sense of powerlessness and need to get rid of this feeling. Accept that you are not in control of everything, and make changes by taking control of your own life. This might mean working on your self-esteem, your financial situation, or your career.

Six of Swords reversed says you are currently facing many problems, and instead of facing them, you keep running away from them. In addition to that, you are also planning to return to the past. But don’t run. You have left your past behind for a while, but now is the time when you have to come back to it. This card signals that you need to stop trying to escape your present circumstance. It is time to face your present situation and solve the problem, and only then can you progress to a better future.

When you draw the Five of Swords reversed, the card signals that you were able to take the first step on your journey towards closure from the conflict you have been dealing with. As you learned from the other Swords cards in the deck, the reversal of this card indicates that the conflict needs to be resolved in a constructive way. You’ve had a lot of pressure and frustration lately, and the reversed Five of Swords shows you are finally ready to take the first steps towards getting rid of it.

The Five of Swords reversed also shows that you have realized that you cannot hold on to the suffering and the pain anymore. Even though it was difficult, you finally overcame it and are now ready to take the first steps on your journey to self-acceptance. You realize that now is the time to let go of your guilt and regret and forgive yourself for what happened in the past. You know that now is not the time to hold back the peace that you deserve.

Four of Swords reversed is all about rest, calm, and recovery. The battle that was raging within you has now lost its momentum and is now slowly fading away. All you need to do to welcome the return of calm is to take a moment to take a breather and relax.

When the Four of Swords is reversed, the querent’s restlessness is finally abating. The clouds are starting to break up and it is becoming clear that the Four of Swords reversed is a welcome retreat from the conflict and strife that was present in the querent when it was present. Just as the querent took his or her first still breath in the upright position, the Four of Swords in the reversed orientation represents the need to give your current struggles and issues a rest.

While the upright Four of Swords represents a welcome and needed break, the reversed Four of Swords suggests that you may be ready to return to the fray again right away. It may also be a sign that you are ready to ignore the Four of Swords as a symbol and instead focus on building other areas of your life.

Three of Swords reversed is a card of recovery and renewal, even though there are times when it is painful to do so. This is the card of putting on the rose-tinted glasses once more, of seeing the truth even though it hurts, and then moving forward – of recovery. There may come a time when we have to let go of old hurts and allow ourselves to move on. In a relationship, this card can mean that the relationship is in the middle of this process of repair. The relationship has suffered a loss, but at the same time, there is also a healing that has taken place here.

Two of Swords reversed is a card of mental confusion, indecisiveness and perhaps even lies. This is a card of secrets, and paranoia, and possibly even delusions. Two of swords reversed suggests that the querent is not ready to make their decision until they have more information, or are no closer to understanding what they need to know. They need to stop spinning so much negative energy and focus on what is important. This card reminds us that the important thing is to know your truth and stay true to yourself.

Two of Swords reversed as a person denotes someone who is confused and not getting their head straight. They cannot see clearly, have difficulty making decisions, and perhaps they are even living a lie. They need to develop a more balanced approach to life in order to make good decisions. Two of Swords reversed people are usually stuck in their heads, and often experience mental health problems.

To see two swords in the reversed position indicates finding a way to come to terms with a problem. The querent is putting the pieces together and developing clarity, so they can move forward. They are now seeing the situation more clearly, and are therefore making decisions. The problem is they are making a decision between two bad choices.

When the Ace of Swords appears in an upright position, the card is all about intelligence, communication, and ideas. You have all the tools you need to manifest your goals, similar to the Magician. All you need to do is find a way to bring your ideas into reality; the rest will be taken care of by the universe. However, a reversed Ace of Swords shows that you do not have all the information you need to make your dreams a reality. You do not have clear communication about what you want because of the lack of knowledge and the inability to process thoughts. You still have a large amount of time to take what you’ve learned and start your journey, but this Reversed Ace of Swords shows that you should start by prioritizing what is most important to you and your goals. This may mean that you should make some research and gather some important resources. Once you get the information, you can move on to more important things in your life.

When you draw the King of Cups reversed, the card signals that you are now moving much further away from the light and balanced emotions in your life. Your emotions have become too intense, and you have grown too unstable. This card suggests that you are in a time of excess, where you have lost your restraint and have gone too far. You have either indulged yourself too much, at the cost of your health and well-being, or you have overreacted to your situation and are now suffering as a result. You need to take some time out and meditate to find out how to get your emotions under control and act rationally.

If you pull the Queen of Cups reversed in your reading, the card illustrates that you have a caring heart, but you deal with rejection, which is affecting your emotional stability. Although you are able to love and care for others, they don’t seem to return these feelings back to you. You are probably someone who is extremely sensitive and who can also be easily hurt and depressed due to this reason. It would help if you shared these emotions with people who are close to you because they can help you. On the other hand, the Queen of Cups reversed also shows that you face issues with your own emotional stability.

If you have been going through a hard time or emotionally draining situation, the Queen of Cups reversed could show up in your reading because you cannot manage and take care of yourself as well. As a result, you cannot help anyone, and maybe this is what hurts most. You have to first manage and deal with your own issues and emotional wounds. The Queen of Cups reversed shows us that you lack the ability to love and care for others because you are emotionally unavailable for the ones you should love the most.

When the Knight of Cups reversed appears, the card is all about love and romance. This card suggests the presence of one’s partner in your life. Chances are that you might get into a relationship, but this card says you are too much emotionally attached to your partner and you might not always feel like fighting but talking and communicating in love and romance. The reversed Knight is also a person who will often do anything to get you into bed – the one who comes on a horse with a shinny armor and then spills his cup and leaves. Not the best person to count on.

If you pull the Page of Cups reversed in your reading, the card illustrates that you are is having a lot of confusion about his or her emotional state. You must be confused whether you should listen to your heart or your mind. The Page of cups shows you love and feelings, and you have lots of dreams and desires for your heart, but your mind is telling you in a language you don’t understand. The Page of cups illustrates water and fish – the fish represents the thoughts and mind while the water represents the emotions. This card means that you still need to understand your emotions and their connection with your soul. The Page of Cups reversed can also mean that you might be repressed emotionally and you must take the opportunity to express your emotions.